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Point Buy Table

Character creation:
Level: 1
Stats: Point buy (21)
Class restrictions: None, though if you are considering a cleric, druid, or paladin, please consult me (Jay) first. Religion is a touchy subject in Dusk and if you are really serious about playing a religiously based character, we’ll need to discuss some specifics first.
Also, if you have any requests as far as a class not meeting your needs and wanting to modify, I am flexible, but also contact me about it first.
Races: Characters can be of any core race, however, gnomes and elves are quite uncommon and you should tell me if you would like to make an elven or gnomish character so we can talk about their specifics. Also, please rememeber that although you can be a half-orc if you so desire, you may be the subject of racism and unfriendliness from any stranger.
Alignment: The most significant differece between Dusk and other campaigns you may have played in the past, is that the world of Dusk, a dark, gritty, and psychologically realistic world, is populated mostly by neutral and evil beings. This may be a result of the recent turns in world history, and it may be something that is just inherent in the world. Either way, you, as a player, have the option of being of any alignment except Chaotic Evil. That being said, bear a few things in mind.
A) No Chaotic Evil: This means no rampaging madmen or foaming mouth barbarians. Although I would consider this if you had a good enough reason and I felt like I could trust you, I would still advise that you shy away from this as Dusk is a world that quickly, and fatally, deals with these sorts of anomalies within society.
B) Lawful and Neutral Evil: I am allowing these two alignments as well as neutrals and goods because players often don’t get the chance to play evil, and I think that, unlike the conclusions of many a discussion may lead you to think, evil can work. If considering Lawful or Neutral Evil read the description carefully and make sure that you will be able to handle yourself and be able to play with others (possibly Good others) without too much trouble.
C) Heroes: Regardless of your choice of alignment, you are heroes and will be cast as such. That being said, try to help me out with this as much as possible. I am okay with a greedy lawful evil dwarf if you can also tell me that his motivations can lead to change or heroic sorts of ends. As another example, perhaps you make a wizard who seeks great power but can only really have that power if he topples a tyrant empire. Once you read a little of the background for the setting (below) you will hopefully be able to pull something together. If not, talk to me, talk to other players, and we, as a group of smart young individuals, should be able to figure something out.
Background, Ties, and Motivation: When creating your character, similar to Nicks campaign, try to include contacts, friends, family, or any other kinds of ties for your character as well as why your character is who he is and what he wants to do/become. These are important not only for making the world seem more full and realistic, but as a GM they serve the important purpose of plot hook feeds.
As far as motivation, you may be inclined more to power, money, women, etc or something specific like raising an army, finding a family heirloom weapon, building your own castle/mansion etc. Just let me know as much as possible about what you want so I can deliver.
Also concerning character backgrounds, which by no means have to be substantial, look at the region called the Territories. I would like it if you were from this region, as that is where we’ll be starting and it will make connection to the beginning of the game much easier. If you are a character like a rogue or wizard, someone who wouldn’t normally be found in a small town, perhaps think of an interesting reason for your character to be there. Maybe you are on the run from the law or from a debt collector. Maybe you think the region has potential for recruiting lackeys, etc.
Characters are going to be given opportunities to complete their own tasks (ex: creating weapons, armor, magic items, building a house, temple) as well as having access to differnet missions proposed by NPCs so do not be afraid to take Craft, Profession, and other non-traditional sorts of abilities. We will make it work.
Finally, characters are going to have access to “feat-like” abilties called knacks. These knacks will be divided into different spheres (physical, academic, personality, etc) which have not yet been finalized. Starting at first level, you gain access to a single knack. However, as you progress you will have access to more knacks, as well as higher tiers of knacks with more potent abilites. The knacks you choose will be up to you, so whether you decided to enhance your existing abilities that are powerful or become more of a jack-of-all-trades is completely up to you!

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