Waxing Dusk

Adventure 1
The Early Years

Adventure 1:

The characters began the campaign as outcast sorcerers and wizards living on the outskirts of Khorh, a small city located in the central region of the Territories. The characters had each been in town, some longer than others, but trouble prior to the campaigns start led to the citizens of Khorh demanding the spellcasters leave. The inhabitants of the camp at the beginning of the campaign are as follows:

-Jormungard: A human conjurer of mostly unknown origins. Jormungard doesn’t elaborate much on his past, mostly due to his dark nature and his apprenticeship with the Horned Man. Jormungard is occasionally cruel and undoubtedly calculating. He much prefers to inspire fear into those around him rather than befriend them.
- Roscoe Weatherbee: The young halfling grew up in a trading caravan, always on the move. Shortly after his adolescence, Weatherbee left the caravan to take up the arcane arts and eventually ended up living like an urchin on the streets of Khorh. He was offered a job managing the stock room for one Charles Provost, and has enjoyed a relatively comfortable life up until the current predicament.
Weatherbee spends time every so often reading his book, “Finding your Inner Stonemason”, and dreams of building his own army of golems one day.
-Aeren Bran: This handsome fellow comes from a family cursed with wild, fey blood. Although neither Aeren’s parents, nor his half-elf bastard uncle have the ability to use magic, his grandfather developed a few minor magical tricks, and encourage Aeren to explore his own. For the most part, Aeren’s family, who do not live near Khorh (actually they live to the west, outside a small city closer to the mouth of the river) are trappers and hunters, trading furs, meat, and favors for other necessary supplies.
Aeren has a pet owl.
-Teserix and his ward Aniese: Teserix is a strange but formidable man. He respects, if not obsesses about, strength and often makes a point of accusing others of weakness. There are a number of qualities that Teserix believes demonstrate unworthiness or worthlessness, though the convoluted morality that he operates under is only his own to understand. The meaty wizard also has a strange view of women.
That being so, Teserix has been burdened with a ward, a woman named Anaise, after killing her husband for abusing her openly and without proper provocation.

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